Forbes M+A

At The Forbes M+A Group, we are hyper vigilant about
details—because, as our tagline reveals, we recognize the
“deals” are also in those details. The best deals. The ones
that offer the most strategic and financial value to all of the
key stakeholders involved in the transaction.

are former entrepreneurs, CEOs and corporate finance professionals. We know
firsthand that transactions are about more than securing the best price, and that
business owners also may care deeply about a deal’s impact on the company’s
employees, customers, culture and brand. Our process centers around our
clients’ multiple goals, ensuring a transaction that achieves them.

DISTINCTIVENESS. At least two senior advisors work closely with each client
through the duration of the engagement, striving to uncover and understand all
of the factors that contribute to each client’s current success and future potential.
This process grounds all value drivers, models, assumptions, industry data and
storylines in the context of the company’s history and future. Our advisors develop
a depth of knowledge, authority and passion equal to the client’s, enabling us to
represent the business as well as the owner.


THE FORBES M+A GROUP is an award-winning mergers and acquisitions
advisory firm that serves buyers or sellers in middle-market transactions. The
firm dedicates teams of senior-level advisors to each client. The advisors start
by working to understand clients’ goals, and use meticulous attention to detail
and a rigorous, time-tested process to craft deals that meet them.

Selling a Business or Divesting a Subsidiary
• Develop options and strategies to meet financial, cultural, confidentiality,
and legacy objectives
• Clearly position and communicate your business’ unique strategic value
• Identify and bring the right buyers to the table
• Secure and maintain the high ground in negotiations
• Get you the highest price and maximum value

Buying a Business
• Create and fine-tune an acquisition strategy to meet your goals
• Define the right acquisition profile (e.g., geography, financials, and business mix)
• Identify and engage appropriate targets
• Negotiate the best acquisition deal price, terms and conditions
• Secure debt, mezzanine, or equity financing
Who We Are
What We Do

Raising Money
• Secure appropriate forms of capital to meet your company needs
• Provide access to a global network of lenders, private equity groups, and
• Design the most effective capital structure
• Establish true financial partners to complement existing management team
• Manage the entire process from initial due diligence through closing

Business Valuation
• Utilize proprietary research tools and acquisition-transaction information
on virtually every industry worldwide
• Assess the benefits and drawbacks of each proposed transaction along
with alternatives
• Pinpoint drivers and detractors of value to formulate actionable conclusions
• Understand the deeper meaning of your underlying market trends
• Provide a team with real industry knowledge—a team that negotiates
actual transactions every day

Exit Optimization™
• Explain how the complex sales process works and prepare you for
buyer scrutiny
• Maximize your company value in a sale
• Identify the best buyers and know the value drivers that will be most
important to those targets
• Prepare for market challenges particular to your business
• Identify corporate strengths and weaknesses
• Benchmark performance against other companies in your industry


Industries We Serve
With over 150 years of combined experience, The Forbes M+A Group has experience
with more industries, transaction types, sizes, structures, motivations and challenges
than almost anyone else in the business.