Auctoris is a business succession planning and wealth preservation company, serving clients nationally and internationally.


For over 35 yearsAUCTORIS has been working with high net worth families and business owners planning for the efficient transfer of wealth to successor generations and philanthropic organizations.

Auctoris believes more good can be done for society as a whole through private wealth remaining in families than by default having half of every family’s wealth pass through to the government in taxes. Their company was founded on the belief to serve highly successful families and private businesses in the design and implementation of efficient transfer of wealth to future and multiple generations.

Auctoris is an educational consulting firm that designs and communicates wealth transfer strategies in non-technical, non-legal layman and business language. They model existing and potential cash flow and estate wealth distribution assuming the use of several wealth transfer strategies so clients can make informed decisions about the transfer of their wealth. Auctoris believes that no matter how much education or experience they have, they will never know enough to tell clients what those clients should do with their wealth. Instead Auctoris shows clients alternative ways to accomplish planning goals and objectives in a manner consistent with their values. Auctoris also discusses the advantages and limitations of each idea. Through this process Auctoris allows their clients to design their own estate wealth succession plan with input from their advisers rather than have the other way around.

For Auctoris, planning is about you utilizing your assets during your lifetime and transferring them to those whom you want to receive them during life and at death while minimizing shrinkage from gift, estate, income and generation skipping taxes.

Auctoris expertise includes:


  • Multigenerational Values-Based
  • Wealth Preservation
  • Business Succession
  • Family Business
  • Estate Tax Reduction
  • Charitable Gift Giving
  • Art Succession


Strategic Uses of Life Insurance:

  • Personal
  • Business
  • Life Settlement
  • Trust Owned
  • Policy Audit Services
  • Executive Benefits