Achievement Dynamics, LLC

Achievement Dynamics, LLC is a sales training company based out of Denver, Colorado.


At Achievement Dynamics, LLC – an affiliate of Sandler Training – we help Companies of all sizes, individuals, and Organizations who are committed to growing their businesses to the next level through Training, Coaching, and Process Development.  We focus on Sales/Business Development and Leadership/Management.

Who They Are:

* Owners * CEOs * Presidents * VP of Sales/Business Development * Managing Partners *Sales Managers *Select Sales Individuals

How You Would Describe Them:

* Strong
* Open Minded
* Growth Oriented
* Decisive
* Winners
*Intellectual Humility
*Committed to Improvement

Some Descriptions of Business, any or all of:

* Successful, Privately or Publicly Owned
* Sales of $1-Million to $100-Million
* 1 to 300 Employees, 1 to 30 people involved with Sales or Business Development and Sales Management Development

Business Categories:

* Manufacturers * Distributors/Resellers * Brokers * Service Providers * Consultants, etc., those that strive to be trusted advisors to their clients not just a vendor.

Industry Examples, but not limited to:

Electronics Manufacturers * Telecommunications Provider * Commercial Bank * Advertising Agency * Insurance Agency * Commercial Printer * Print Broker * Computer Training Firm * Accounting/CPA Firm * Food Manufacturer * Trucking Firm * Internet Service Provider * Software Developer * Architectural or

Engineering Firm * Heating/Plumbing/HVAC * Commercial Leasing Firm * Office Furniture * Home Health Care Provider * Sign Manufacturer * Radio/Television

* Newspaper * Management Consultant * Office Equipment * Financial Services * Computer/High Tech. World * Professional Services * I.T.

Issues They May be Facing:

Worried because:

  • No systematic, repeatable process for sales success
  • Sales are down
  • Difficulty getting salespeople to do consistent goal setting, planning and behavior
  • Wondering if they have the right people

Frustrated that:

  • Profit margins or Market Share are under pressure
  • Sales cycle too long
  • Poor time management
  • Lack of assertiveness among sales or management team
  • Tom Cruise/PeeWee Herman Syndrome:  Want to hire “A+” salespeople but they keep ending up with “C” level performers.

Tired of:

  • Insufficient referrals
  • Making lots bids/proposals and not getting the business
  • Selling on price and not getting their true value
  • Rollercoaster results from individual salespeople or the team—good month, bad month, repeat.

Serious About:

  • Raising the bar
  • Growing and developing their people

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